"... SMART TECHNOLOGY SERVICES has been created in August 2013, and is dedicated to support technically all production equipments in the Smart Card, Smart Object, and ID industry.
One of our key values is the technical background on Gilles Leroux / DATACARD equipments.

All engineers working for SMART TECHNOLOGY SERVICES have more than 10 years of experience and, have hardware, software, process skills, to bring you the best needed support. This makes our team capable to support every customer in a very short time, all over the world, for any kind of equipment.

SMART TECHNOLOGY SERVICES has also validated new suppliers to manufacture and deliver spare parts in a short time with competitive prices, up to 25% cheaper than our competitors.

What we propose you today, is the insurance of a quality technical support, at best prices.

We stay at your disposal for any additional questions, so don’t hesitate to Contact us ..."

General Manager